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Tightens Loose Joints Permanently!

Chair-Loc is not a glue. It soaks into the wood grain and swells the wood fibers inside the joint to lock the dowel in place permanently.

Chair-Loc will not dry out and become brittle like most wood glues.

You can use Chair-Loc to tighten chair rungs and legs, doweled or dovetailed joints, brush, mop, hammer, axe, rake, and hoe handles.

  • Chair-Loc tightens loose joints by swelling the wood
  • Tightens loose tool handles
  • Won't dry out
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water

Chair Loc 2 oz

Chair-Loc   2 oz. bottle                    

$5.89 *  
          * Special!   Shipping for a single 2 oz. bottle of Chair-Loc is only $4.00.

Chair-Loc Plus 3 oz. bottle and injector  New!


**Not available at this time

  • Extra Large 3 oz. bottle of Chair-Loc
  • Syringe injector for accurate application
  • 2 tips - small and medium
  • Cleanup syringe with soap and water

Chair Loc Plus

** This product is not currently available from the manufacturer

If you are looking for glue, please visit our Gorilla Glue webpage.

Chair-Loc Directions:

  1. If joint has been reglued, disassemble and scrape off old glue.
  2. Apply Chair-Loc to socket and rung. Then press together. Clamp if possible.
  3. If joint is very loose, apply Chair-Loc to small patch of cloth. Place over rung to get drag-fit as joint is pressed together.
  4. If joint does not come apart, apply Chair-Loc at joint and wiggle to work Chair-Loc deep into joint, or drill a small hole beside the rung into bottom of joint and apply Chair-Loc deep in the hole. For maximum penetration, use syringe injector with medium diameter tip.
  5. Apply Chair-Loc on any socket joint, of which one member is wood.
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